Thursday, April 29


blueberriesIf you're into berries you might want to buy the current issue of Fruit Gardener from the California Rare Fruit Growers. ~ link

✽ By the time they award it to you, you should probably realize that it is not a Masters of Divinity degree. ☺

✽ Seth Godin on "the coming melt-down in higher education" -- colleges have become too average, expensive, unnecessary, and uniform. ~ link

The text of the Arizona law about which everyone is talking but which very few people have actually read ~ link (.pdf)

NY Times article recognizing complexities of situation -- "Welcome to Arizona, Outpost of Contradictions" ~ link

✽ I still think it's bad law and less than helpful but a NY Times Op-Ed piece does good job presenting the other side -- sans melodrama. ~ link

Arizona lawmakers have okayed several changes to the new immigration law. I think they're feeling some heat. ~ link

Nine undocumented aliens, beaten and being held for ransom, were rescued by Arizona police. ~ link

✽ Some experts are expressing doubts about flu vaccine benefits for the elderly. ~ link

Jay Phelan's prayer at the last Covenant Midwinter Conference -- a prayer for those in ministry ~ link

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