Thursday, May 27

Immigration related...

The US Justice Department is going to challenge Arizona's immigration law in federal court contending that it is "unconstitutional because it impinges on the federal government's inherent authority" to police the border.

"At the same time, the government officials said, the department's civil rights division is considering possible legal action against the law on the basis that it amounts to racial profiling of Latinos who are legally in Arizona but conceivably could be asked to provide documents proving their citizenship." ~ AZCentral

The constitutionality issue could get a hearing rather quickly but I wonder whether the racial profiling aspect will be/can be heard by the court until someone complains that he or she has been victimized under the new law.

Mexico already has an immigration law very similar to Arizona's new law. And it doesn't seem to work there any better than it will work here. Mexico has a notoriously poor track-record when it comes to the treatment of undocumented aliens. We (both the US and Mexico) have got to rethink the way that we deal with people movements. ~ AZCentral

The additional National Guard troops being sent to the Mexican border will not be enforcing US immigration laws. Their mission involves intercepting drug and gun smugglers. ~ link

The Brits are pulling the plug on the National ID card program that they just started. ~ BBC News

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