Tuesday, May 4


CTmagazine on Twitter: "James Dobson switched his endorsement, saying Paul identifies with the tea party, 'My kind of man.'" -- Oh, now I get it. I thought Dobson was referring to St Paul and I was trying to figure out how he knew that the apostle was a tea drinker. ~ link

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, which, contrary to the neo-Nazis whining on TV last night about Mexican celebrations in the US, is not Mexican Independence Day. It's probably a bigger holiday in the US than Mexico these days. As they say, ¡Viva México! ¡Viva Juárez! ¡Viva el 5 de mayo!
Los Suns
The Phoenix Suns will be wearing their “Los Suns” jerseys tomorrow night as they take on the San Antiono Spurs -- and Arizona's immigration law. ~ link

There are 1.2 million Hispanics living here in Maricopa County. I'm sitting in a restaurant down the street from our house and I'd say that right now 25% of the people in here are black (African-Americans and recent immigrants), 10% Asian, 20% Caucasian, 45% Hispanic/Mestizo. I hear English, Spanish, Spanglish, and Chinese -- with so many accents that it is hard to believe that anyone thinks that there is such a thing as a standard American-English accent. I like this place -- nice buzz -- even if it's just McDonald's. ~ link

I had the brakes done on the Corolla today. The first place I checked, a national brand name auto care center, wanted over $1,100. I went down the street to another big name regional operation and they got the job done for less than $600 -- informing me that some of what the other shop said to do was unnecessary.

✽ Resource: House churches in North America ~ link

✽ Mark Goodacre's latest NT Pod post asks, "Was Luke an Historian?" ~ link

I'm just not sure that there is a synoptic problem. Diversity of perspective isn't really problematic unless you're looking for 21st century scientific precision.

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