Friday, May 7


As El Niño weakens the number of hurricanes usually rises. This is not such a good thing if you are living in a tent in Haiti. It also tends to mean that Arizona can expect the upcoming winter to be drier. ~ link

✽ It's official, there is now a clergy glut. This is an opportunity to move a lot of good trained people into new and creative mission endeavors. Forget the career track you thought you were on. That really belonged to a bygone era, anyway.

✽ Bypassed again -- "The 20 Most Brilliant Christian Professors" ~ link

✽ Using a scoop of smooth and rich chocolate chip/cookie dough ice cream at Scooptacular to deal with my disappointment.

$99 Moby tablet designed for students on the way ~ link

✽ Story of the customs agent who stopped Faisal Shahzad from escaping ~ link

Mobile phones and eLearning in Africa -- could be an opportunity ~ link

✽ "Live Church LA is Giving One Free Copy of ViralHope to Everyone who Comes this Sunday!" Is this "attractional" or "missional"? Just asking... ~ link

✽ So, it appears that no one is in charge of jolly old England? ~ link


JR Woodward said...


I think if you put together a book where 50 different people share the good news for their city and a church invited you to speak and decided to give one to each person who came,you would find a way to make it missional. LOL. Of course from a publishers standpoint, and an editors standpoint its a no brainer.

Brad Boydston said...

I think the book is a great idea. And giving it away is good, too. I'm just musing about the fact that the line between "missional" and "attractional" is not always so clean. And that's okay by me.

JR Woodward said...

I hear you and sometimes it can seem like a false dichotomy.