Wednesday, May 12


George Barna's wise words on earning trust ~ link

4 "eco-friendly" weed killers -- boiling water, lemon juice, ground cover tarp, white vinegar ~ link

More unusual fish activity -- rare Giant Oarfish discovered in Sweden. The last documented sighting of this fish in Swedish waters was in 1879. ~ link

Softball-size hail hit Paul Cunningham’s roof. That dude is a storm magnet. ~ link

Seth Godin on the new global divide -- "the line between people who are actively engaged in new ideas, actively seeking out change, actively engaging -- and people who accept what's given and slog along." ~ link

I was looking at the incredible gigapan picture of Dubai. Where are all the people? There are secondary signs of life all over but it still looks eerily like a mega-ghost town. Too hot to be outside? ~ link

Three children from El Salvador are unharmed after being rescued from human smugglers in Phoenix. ~ link

Boycotting Arizona makes even less sense than the immigration law. It only ramps up the political rhetoric, contributing nothing constructive to the conversation. We need someone capable of leading a constructive conversation. Is there anyone in a position of responsibility willing to risk it and lead a civil conversation?

Replacing traditional bricks with biomanufactured masonry could reduce world-wide carbon-dioxide emissions by 'at least' 800 million tons a year." ~ link (via)

An online grad has donated $4 million to Saint Leo University. You just never know who is in your class and what they're capable of doing. ~ link

The Moroccan government, apparently under pressure from Islamists, has been expelling foreign Christian workers from the North African country. ~ link

✽ Fr Joseph Fessio, a prominent Jesuit leader in Catholic higher education, is launching an innovative distance education college-credit program for Catholic high school students and homeschoolers. ~ link

"The Great Mancession" -- how it is that men have become an endangered species in higher education. ~ link

“We cannot abandon Haiti to celebrities and amateur aid workers!” ~ link

Ancients were using pressurized water systems in the "New World" before the Spanish arrived. ~ link

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