Sunday, May 16


✽ The Arizona CityFest with Luis Palau now has a place and a date -- Tempe Town Lake, March 19-20, 2011. That seems like a really good choice. ~ link

Wall Street Journal: "Joblessness Hits the Pulpit" ~ link

✽ "'Grandstanding politicians in Los Angeles have jumped into our political business,' Arizona Republic sports columnist Dan Bickley wrote in Sunday's edition." Yeah, well, it's not like grandstanding is such a novelty in the contemporary Arizona political arena. Where are the statesmen? ~ link

"You boycott us, we'll boycot you!" Silly. ~ link

A fire that totaled National Office Supply in Barrigada, Guam is under investigation. It took nearly ten hours to extinguish the flames. (The building is entirely concrete -- floors, walls, ceiling...) The thing is that, this was the only real option for getting a lot of supplies on Guam. I disliked going in there because of the way that things were piled up and displayed. It was a mess and it felt like a fire waiting to happen. Perhaps they'll be able to get a fresh start out of this. ~ link

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