Friday, May 21


Pew Hispanic Center report:
  • Mexicans now account for 32% of all immigrants living in this country. The second-largest nationality group of immigrants, Filipinos, account for just 5% of all immigrants in the US.

  • More than half (55%) of the Mexican immigrants in this country are unauthorized. Overall, Mexicans comprise about six-in-ten (59%) of the estimated 11.9 million unauthorized immigrants in the US.

  • No other country in the world has as many total immigrants from all countries as the United States has immigrants from Mexico alone.

  • About 11% of everyone born in Mexico is currently living in the US."

  • The current Mexican share of all foreign born living in the US—32%—is the highest concentration of immigrants to the US from a single country since the late 19th century. But it is not unprecedented. Irish immigrants represented a third or more of the immigrant population from 1850 to 1870. Germans were 26% to 30% of the foreign-born population from 1850 to 1900.
This week's Brushstrokes -- online e-letter from MasterPiece Church ~ link

"Pirates terrorize boaters on Texas lake" ~ link

Recognizing the shift in Thai culture:
A sociologist who asked not to be named said politics had been reduced to a zero-sum game in recent years, where the voices of a centrist civil society, public intellectuals and media have been squeezed into silence...

Thai culture has gone through a dizzying transformation, he explained, in which old hierarchical values have been overturned through the processes of globalisation, communications and technology. Avoidance of confrontation, a belief in karma, the sacrifice of individual rights for a notion of the national good - all these have been weakened.

Thai villagers are no longer poor or uneducated - they want a larger slice of the economic pie, and they demand a voice, he said.

"Now is beyond the time to realise that these changes have occurred," the sociologist said... ~ link
What constitutes "life"? NT Times: "Researchers Say They Created a ‘Synthetic Cell’" Well, it is less synthetic than it is hybrid. ~ link

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