Monday, May 31


So, what happened to the Google dictionary? I'm so used to using Google to look up words I'm missing the automatic definition option that was in the upper right of the search results. I'm sure it's got to be there somewhere. But it's getting pretty cluttered on all the search engines.

The English universities are discussing the possibility of trying to fast-track their bachelor degree programs -- squeezing them into two years. Most English bachelor degrees only require three years of study. We already have solid two-year college degree programs in the US -- but we call them "associate degrees." ~ BBC News

How to get a response to your blog posts? Spell something wrong. ~ link (via)

"'Google Maps Lawsuit: Woman Follows Directions, Gets Run Over' => Google should not replace one's brain!" ~ Laura Springer

Now the weather service is saying that we should expect temperatures that could top the 110° mark by next weekend. No biggie. It's June in Phoenix. ~ AZCentral


Laura Springer said...

Thanks for the tweet-link. This one caught my eye, for I am a regular pedestrian. Just the other day, I used Google walking maps and had to make the executive decision (which remains mine and is never handed over to Google) to reroute a walk on the fly--BECAUSE THE STREET HAD NO PLACE TO WALK.

Let us not become slaves to machines we program.

Justin said...

(a month behind, I know)

type "define:" for the Google dictionary.