Wednesday, June 2


A major hurricane could help the oil spill problem -- or not. ~ BBC News

✽ It is now common knowledge that former VP Al Gore and his wife Tipper are seperating. Do people remember that they wrote two books together on family values? ☹ ~ CT

Skye Jethani, commenting on why the Boeing 747, now 40-years-old, and not just the Bible, is responsible for the rising interest in global justice.
...This sudden popularity of global justice has caught some older evangelicals off guard. They are concerned that the under-40 crowd is abandoning conservative theology in favor of a social gospel often associated with Mainline and liberal denominations. What they fail to realize is that my generation is not rejecting orthodoxy. We are rejecting the false dichotomy that the American church has perpetuated for the last century. We refuse to believe that the gospel is either social or spiritual, eternal or temporal. Earlier generations of evangelicals were more interested in saving souls than seeking justice because a cup of cold water would be little comfort in the flames of hell. But my generation cannot shake the global perspective imprinted on our minds from our childhoods. The gospel, we believe, must have relevance for this world and not simply the next... ~ Out of Ur
✽ J.D. Payne on the least evangelical places in the US. You might be surprised! ~ link

✽ When we lived in Chicago the Chicago River was a cesspool. Now it is the cleanest it has been in 100 years. But it still has a long way to go before it is acceptible. Their progress, though, shows that it can be done. The question under debate is, at what cost? ~ Chicago Tribune

✽ "As the job market begins to loosen up, human-resource managers might increasingly be surprised by an announcement from employees they haven't heard in a while: 'I quit.'" ~ Wall Street Journal

✽ "More European migrants, from countries including Poland and the Czech Republic, are leaving the UK than arriving, Home Office figures show. It marks a reversal in movement for the first time since large-scale immigration in Europe began..." ~ BBC News

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