Sunday, June 13


surfing crocodile
Australian researchers: Crocodiles move between islands by surfing ~ National Geographic (photo)

Monsoon season in Arizona officially starts on Tuesday (15th). But the clouds, thunderstorm cells, wind, and very very slight drizzle yesterday are apparently unrelated to the monsoon. The current weather comes out of a low pressure system rather than a monsoon pattern. Even though the season starts Tuesday we don't typically get monsoon storms until we're well into July. But it can happen in June. ~ NWS

All those extra planes overhead on the westside of Phoenix are there because of Sky Train rail line construction at Sky Harbor Airport. The planes will be taking off toward the west for a few months. ~ EV Tribune

At first glance I thought that this headline was hyperbole. But it is intended to be taken literally. "Official: Oil spill hasn't reached Great Salt Lake" ~ KOLD

"US Navy of 1915" -- 11 minutes of fascinating silent film ~ link

Light Wear Christian Stores & Gifts has opened at 51st Ave & Southern, a few blocks from where we live in Phoenix. This isn't a Christian gift store masquerading as a bookstore. It is, without apology, a gift and craft store with a few Christian books (new and used), DVDs, and CDs. The owner, Jeanine Brown, says that a lot of the gifts are locally made -- including the bling -- lots and lots of bling. They have craft classes and seminars. It's really an interesting concept that is a bit out of the box. ~ link

We Americans eat a lot of meat (probably way more than what is good for us) but not as much as the Danes. I would actually like to see some more up-to-date figures. The info in the report is eight years old. Still , how do the Danes do it? ~

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