Tuesday, June 15


And the #1 reason to skip the World Cup games this time around -- vuvuzelas ~ NY Times

This afternoon we got the schedule set -- now to start getting the word out. The Pacific Islands University summer touring group, Voices of Micronesia, will do a concert at 7 p.m., Tuesday, July 13th. Hope Covenant Church in Chandler has graciously agreed to host the event. I'm guessing that this is probably the last concert in the US tour.

Chuck Warnock: "For those who think we have too much government." ~ ChuckWarnock.com

I agree, we're such ungrateful whiners. Frankly, we get a lot of bang for our tax-dollar buck -- especially when you look at the conditions of much of the world. Certainly there is a limit to what an economy can sustain but I for one don't mind paying my taxes. This insipid whining about how victimized we are by our own government (which is us!) feels a bit disingenuous.

Tropical Storm Watch:
It looks like we could have our first tropical depression of the 2010 season, and perhaps our first named storm - Alex in the next 12 to 24 hours. The only other time we've had a storm this early so far out in the ocean was Tropical Storm Ana back in 1979. Climatology tells us that any storm that forms this far out so early in the season shouldn't survive, but the sea surface temperatures are off the charts right now, and over the next day or so upper level winds will be pretty light, so chances are good we'll see Alex show up, and the Lesser Antilles will need to keep an eye on this for at the very least heavy rain and strong winds by weeks end. ~ Janice Dean

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