Monday, June 28


Peter Cha, one of my favorite Covenant preachers, delivered the ordination sermon yesterday.

Dr Jay Kennedy, a science historian at The University of Manchester, has reportedly cracked “The Plato Code” and can decipher the secret messages embedded in the 4th century BC philosopher’s writings. Apparently, his ideas would have been considered heretical and would have doomed him to the same fate as his teacher and voice -- Socrates. ~ link

US Customs have arrested a 17-year-old who was attempting to smuggle ammunition into Mexico. ~ AZ Daily Star

Only Idaho and Utah spend less per student for education than Arizona. The sad part is that we Arizonans believe that we are spending way too much -- that educational costs are way out of control -- and that the tax-payer is getting ripped off. We're victims. Like many things here, the facts don't seem to support the overwhelming public opinion. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

More boycotting Arizona ~ AZ Central

We're still waiting for Governor Brewer to substantiate her claim that most illegal immigrants are also drug smugglers. So far, no facts -- just fear mongering in an election year.

The hourly wage in Phoenix is 4% below the national average. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

The church in India is developing soap operas to strengthen marriages. ~ link

Four Timothy Johnsons in one Covenant place. I know them all -- and a few more as well! ~ link

North Park Theological Seminary classes are now being offered in Santa Barbara, California. Here is the fall brochure.

My sermon from yesterday is online. ~ link


Carol Noren Johnson said...

Excellent address by Peter Cha from Isaiah 58--mercy, justice, piety, keeping the Sabbath and contrast between China and Korea. Thanks for sharing this.

Rick said...

Where;s the picture of the Al Johnsonson? We used to have three just in the North Pacific Conference.

And let's do a picture of the Covenant pastors with relational links to President John Adams. That would me - me and you.