Thursday, July 1


vertical farming The (high) rise of vertical farming ~ link

Were the American founding fathers Christians? Does it matter? ~ link

"Boston University scientists said Thursday they have discovered a genetic signature of longevity. They expect soon to offer a free test that could let people learn whether they have it in themselves to live to a very old age." ~ WSJ

Download free Jake Shimabukuro song from upcoming CD "Go For Broke" -- song for WWII Nisei veterans. ~ link

A sports reporter on a mission trip in Haiti takes a look at the situation, six months after the quake. Watch the video clip. Ken Bell is amazingly articulate and seems to have his head screwed on straight. ~ ABC6 (via)

Benigno Aquino has been inaugurated as president of the Philippines. The Filipinos chose well. He has a spine and apparently, integrity. He lacks some of the soap opera qualities of the past presidents and seems to have more substance than flash -- unusual for the PI. Aquino has his work cut-out for him! ~ CSM

"Compulsory military service officially came to end in Sweden on Thursday after 109 years." I remember talking to my grandfather about his exit from Sweden. Apparetnly it was timed so that he would avoid military service. I thought this was ironic since in the 60's and 70's so many Americans went to Sweden to avoid the US draft during the Vietnam War. ~ The Local

"Sure it's unethical, but it's just a business..." I wonder if he writes papers for ethics classes. ~ link

India's rupee is about to get its own symbol. ~ Fast Company


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Carol Noren Johnson said...

Like the cartoon. The Haiti report is so disturbing, but good witness from the sports commentator on real life issue.