Wednesday, July 7


Arizona State University has received a $6 million grant to test the acceptability of algal biofuels as replacements for petroleum-derived fuels. ~ link

Presbyterian Church USA -- half of what it was in 1965. ~ link

First Things asks, "Are These the Ten Worst Hymns of All Time?" Wow, I like most everything on their list.

Generally speaking, college students have stopped studying outside the classroom.
...Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: The central bargain of a college education — that students have fairly light classloads because they’re independent enough to be learning outside the classroom — can no longer be taken for granted. And some institutions of higher learning have yet to grapple with, or even accept, the possibility that something dramatic has happened.

Studying has long been considered a key part of a college student’s growth, both as a means to an end — a deeper understanding of the subject matter — and as a valuable habit in its own right. A person who can self-motivate to learn, academics argue, is not only more likely to be a productive worker, but more fulfilled citizen. As a result, universities for decades have stated — sometimes officially — that for every hour students spend in class each week they are expected to be studying for two hours on their own...
~ Boston Globe
The real question is, WHY don't people trust the tap water on Guam? I always felt that it was safe enough (although it didn't taste very good.) But there are lots of infrastructure and communication problems on Guam. If there were to be an issue I wouldn't trust the government to be aware of it and to be alert people to it in a timely manner. That's the bottom line. People don't trust the government. ~ KUAM

Annoyed with vuvuzelas? Blame the church. ~ link (via)

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Carol Noren Johnson said...

My all time worst "hymn" has these lyrics:
"Oh I'm a Christian cowboy
. . .
I haven't got much talent
And I ain't too smart you see
But I can love my Jesus
And He can still love me
And partner all I want to do
Is satisfy my boss
And be the bestest Christian guy
That ever rode a hoss [horse]. . ."