Saturday, July 10


Don Johnson gets it better than most. ~ link

Roman coins unearthed I've got to get me one of them metal-detectors. "Amateur unearths 52,000 Roman coins worth $1m" ~ CNN

The low-hanging fruit has been picked. Richard Lewis writes the on the decline of easy oil and easy missions work.
...I was reminded again that in today’s world there is no longer any “easy mission” work; only “tough missions” remain. Among 3.6 billion people in this world, 89% of the people have never even met a Christian and the chances of them ever being introduced to Christ are slim to none. Fewer people are signing up for career missions these days; fewer of them are doing tough missions. ~ link
If you're holding onto gold it may be time to get out. ~ Economist

I'm preaching tomorrow morning -- and once again competing with football. Perhaps someone will provide updates every time the Orange scores.

Is Christianity a "bounded set" or "centered set"? ~ Leadership

Mooning AmTrack in California. How come I didn't see this story until it came up on a BRITISH news site? ~ BBC News

We ate at Villas, Laveen's newest hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. I really enjoyed my chili rellenos -- nice kick to them.

Australia, still recovering from a drought, is spending big bucks on "desalination plants capable of sucking millions of gallons of seawater from the surrounding oceans every day, removing the salt and yielding potable water." ~ NY Times

It's not quite the tropics but it is no longer a dry heat in the Arizona desert. We have had some rain tonight -- big drops but not for long.

I've got Jake Shimabukuro cranked up on the speakers and it reminds me of walking through the Micronesia Mall. They frequently had his music piped throughout. (When they didn't I had him on my iPod.) I'm sure he put the Japanese tourists in a shopping mood.

Jamacian Grill, one of our favorite restaurants on Guam, is going to start franchising out. Expect to see them on the streets of Manila. ~ PDN

The reconstruction of Haiti has apparently stalled out. "Billions of dollars in pledged aid have yet to arrive. Decisions on how to spend the money have not begun to be made. An estimated one million Haitians remain displaced. And everywhere, there is rubble." Perhaps the reason that the money has not arrived is that the donors want to see sound plans for spending it before they send it. That's my guess. The outside world could step in and make all the decisions -- but that would lead to all kinds of problems in the future. The Haitian leadership just has to step up to the plate. The rebuilding cannot move any faster than they move. ~ WSJ

An American Legion post in Arizona has voted to stop its celebrations of Cinco de Mayo. What silly (but hurtful) anti-Mexican thing is next? An Arizona boycott of Taco Bell? ~ AZ Republic

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Phil Davidson said...

Wow, that short essay on bounded vs. centered sets is the most helpful description of the grace vs. works paradox that I've heard in a very long time. A "centered" approach gives the right focus for both insiders and outsiders.

I think it resembles Jesus' teachings, but I want to think about it some more.