Thursday, July 15



"The sheriff's office has housed inmates in canvas tents during Phoenix's triple-digit summer heat since August 1993...." and has been proud of it! Although there is no evidence that heat incarceration actually serves as a determent to future crime. It's just punitive and showboating. And now, since they'll no longer be turning illegal immigrants over to ICE, the county will be stuck with the bill for criminal prosecution and housing of prisoners -- to say nothing of the lawsuits this is going to generate. This is a no win operation. ~ ABC15

And the oil has stopped. ~ link

And the cameras are stopping at midnight. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

Excessive heat warning... severe thunderstorm warning... flash flood warning... flash flood watch... flood advisory... special weather statement... The NOAA people covering Arizona have been busy tonight.

What would you do today if you learned that Facebook was going to be unplugged tomorrow? (Sounds like the wrap-up of a sermon or two I've heard.) The reality is that Facebook will at some point cease to exist. ~ Fast company

The Rupee now has an official symbol. ~ WSJ

Entomologists at the University of Arizona have succeeded in genetically altering mosquitoes that are completely immune to the Malaria carrying parasite, Plasmodium. ~ KOLD

"The CNMI government has joined nine U.S. states in filing a legal brief supporting Arizona's controversial immigration law." Well, yeah... They're going to support anything which makes immigration a local issue. The territory was doing such a poor job of managing immigration issues that the US government stepped in and forcibly took over immigration operations in the Northern Marianas Islands. ~ Saipan Tribune

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