Monday, July 19


"Love your enemies..." ~ Luke 6:35


Oops! "Indonesia's highest Islamic body acknowledged Monday it made a mistake when issuing an edict in March saying the holy city in Saudi Arabia was to the country's west. It has since asked followers to shift direction slightly northward during their daily prayers." They had been praying toward southern Somalia and Kenya instead of Mecca. ~ AP

The challenges of doing business internationally ~ GlobalPost

The online rumor that citizens of US territories are not US citizens is incorrect. The Guam Organic Act passed by the US Congress in 1950 clearly spelled out that citizens of Guam are also US citizens. The reason that they can't vote in presidential elections is that territories are not a part of the electoral college system. They have non-voting representation in Congress.

The Covenant -- small denomination with big impact. ~ link

Speaking of Covenant impact, David Nystrom, who was a part of our pastor's cluster in the Central Valley, is the new provost @ Biola University! Great guy -- certain to stir things up. ~ link


Josh said...

Most residents of the U.S. don't know about Guam, either. A friend of ours moved to the states and tried to register at a college. They wouldn't let her register for classes until she could produce a green card or visa. It took a couple days to resolve that one.

Karen said...

If you're going to sing a hymn in Latin's gonna be How Great Thou Art. It's the only one people know all the words to! Go Covenant!