Tuesday, July 20


floating stuga Floating stuga - complete with solar panels. ~ The Local

Andy Crouch is a new trustee at Fuller Seminary ~ interview

My invitation to people who are "spiritual but not religious" ~ YouTube

Don Frisk Donald Frisk died this morning at the age of 99. He was one of the most respected theologians in the Covenant. Don was a kind man and a concise writer. I really appreciated his Covenant Affirmations book, which contains a great summary of the faith. Because of its unique clarity I've used it in my classes -- even in non-Covenant settings. His fingerprints are all over the book I was assigned to read for confirmation studies -- According to Thy Word. ~ link

Free field trip idea for the kids. Take them to Cabela's to see the huge freshwater aquariums and the wildlife museum. I was in there today watching the turtles for a time.
My brother Greg somehow came up with this photo of me (and was with a little photo-shopping using it in some of his advertising). I'm guessing that I was about four-years-old. It was in the backyard of our house on Guattucio Dr in San Jose. I am reproducing it here to prove to the world that I have on occasion worn a coat and tie. But it has been awhile. Same haircut as today.

It's already Liberation Day on Guam -- fun parade. ~ link

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Alyssa the Ragamuffin said...

Thanks for the Cabela's idea! We did a play date with our friends at the Bass Pro Shop and it was a total riot. I'll bet Cabela's would be equally fun for the tots. :) And we're getting a lot of "You might be a redneck" mileage from these out-of-the-box summer play dates!