Sunday, July 25


Are they saying that the more education you have the better you're able to cover-up your dementia? ~ BBC News

My father's extended family is from the hills in Tennessee. I'm trying to figure out if we might possibly be related to Basil Marceaux, "The Next Governor of Tennessee." Even though our stock is Scots-Irish, not French, he just comes across as one of us! ~ YouTube

NIMBY -- 4K+ homeless on Oahu -- many living on the beaches. (I wonder how many are Micronesians.) Some people want to buy them all air tickets for the mainland. Funny, many kind mainlanders have had similar ideas, except they were thinking of buying tickets for all our homeless neighbors to send them off on a nice vacation in Hawaii. Get real. ~ KOLD

The Jordan River has become too polluted for baptisms. ~ AFP

Scholars are using computers to translate the "world's 'lost' languages after program deciphers ancient text." ~ Daily Mail

Ten good great ideas from contemporary hymn writer Keith Getty ~ link

The "Right to Information" law is giving hope to impoverished Indians. But it hasn't yet changed the system. ~ NY Times

The Feds could shut down SB 1070 even without a lawsuit. Information is power. ~ AZ Central

Fantasy coffins, made in Ghana -- colorful. Definitely a niche that hasn't yet been explored in the US. ~ BBC News

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Carol Noren Johnson said...

Read with interest your first article. There is so much research out there on dementia and so much to be done. My own husband has shown dementia for two years and we are soon going to a neuologist at a Alzheimer's research center to discover what kind of dementia he has and if he qualifies for a research study. He did get his education at a later age, but I am not sure this is the only factor. Huge impact on families.

Coconut oil has helped my husband so far--a medical doctor whose husband has Alzheimer's put us on to coconut oil. This is such a scary disease and it will be a big issue with baby boomers I am sure. I blog about his dementia and what I am experiencing and learning--they say being a caregiver is the hardest job a person will ever have.