Monday, August 9


Somebody burglarized JB's Ukulele Hut. ~ Pacific News Center

US Special Forces troops in Afghanistan have been ordered to shave off their beards. It seems to me that the ground forces understand contextualization better than the brass. ~ NY Daily News

"American Christianity is not well, and there's evidence to indicate that its condition is more critical than most realize — or at least want to admit..." ~ William Lobdell, LA Times

Chris Wright's new book ~ link

An entire island the size of Hawaii made of recycled plastic. If it were not for the dreamers we'd never make any progress. ~ link

The question is not whether online learning will be accepted -- but how will the learning be validated? ~ link

Don Johnson had this parable on his blog. ~ link


Carol Noren Johnson said...

I looked briefly at links for Lobdell and Wright, authors of new books. Lobdell looks to statistics in the newspaper article to support the topic of his book as he walks away from organized religion and finds peace he says. Wright sees mission looking to the risen Christ, asking what kind of me does Christ want for His mission in the world. I think that Christ's mission is found among his called out ones, His church. Solo Christian like Anne Rice? I don't think it can be done.

Brad Boydston said...

I think Anne Rice is saying that she can't do it within the institution. Martin Luther had a similar problem but had a different solution.

Lobdell has an agenda which grows out of his personal experience.

Chris Wright is brilliant.