Tuesday, August 10


Dave Gibbons, Jim Gustafson, and friends tell the story of NewSong Church. More importantly, though, especially for the rest of us -- their concept of Third Culture.

If you think that life is about the pursuit of happiness (it isn't!) then you might consider a move to Scandinavia. ~ link

"The Mexican government will begin offering online college-degree programs this month to its citizens living abroad, many of whom are suffering the effects of stricter immigration controls in the United States." ~ CHE

New research: Kids who watch Popeye cartoons eat more vegetables. Duh. The power of media. ~ link

"India Asks, Should Food Be a Right for the Poor?" Even with the incredible progress, they're still struggling to keep everyone fed. ~ NY Times

Bill Gates thinks that better use of technology can lower college tuition to $2,000. ~ The Hill

This is why the protesting, demonstrating, politicizing approach to being a moral compass just doesn't work in 21st century America (If indeed it ever really worked anywhere...). ~ BoingBoing

"What to do with your Google 'Social Circle'" -- extensive list of your people and their connections. ~ Mike Elgan

Feeling outrage. ~ Reuters

Scot McKnight on the future of evangelicalism: "The only way the older coalition can survive is if Christianity Today - and I see no other genuine alternative - can continue to attract consensus-shaped evangelicalism." Talk about pressure. ~ link

The power of composting ~ link

Richard Mouw has a refreshingly different response to the Anne Rice announcement. ~ link

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