Tuesday, August 24


Chinese traffic jam
China has a massive 100km long traffic jam into Beijing. ~ BBC

China may drop the death penalty for "economic crimes." They currently hand out death sentences to people found guilty of 68 specified crimes. ~ BBC

Why smuggling Bibles into China reflects an outdated mode of thinking ~ CT

Swedish women have lower risks of heart failure than their US counterparts because Swedish chocolate is better, according to a new Harvard study. We all knew that it would ultiomately come down to this -- chocolate. ~ The Local

"Medieval-Studies Group Divided Over Whether to Hold Meeting in Arizona" ~ CHE

The US State Department has taken a lesson from the non-profit sector and is raising money online to help with the Pakistan relief. ~ link

The Guam Youth Congress (which can actually introduce bills into the real Guam Senate) is learning the political ways of the islands early. They: 1) want to change their name, 2) double their stipends, 3) increase their tax-payer funded budget by 2,000%, 4) reduce the number of representatives, 5) secure a guaranteed line in the territorial budget. ~ PDN

Guam Rev and Tax sent us a letter asking for clarification about something in our 2008 tax return. They're already processing 2008 returns? Growing efficiency.

Swiss Army knife 2010 ~ link

"Philly requiring bloggers to pay $300 for a business license" ~ Examiner

Thieves break in and steal the whole ATM ~ EV Trib

"A majority of states have more jobs today than they did a year ago, but Arizona is not one of them." Hmmm? Could it be that our political leaders have gotten their priorities screwed up? We've shifted from building business and homes to building a wall. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

We've got a major boxelder outbreak in central Arizona! ~ link

Pew Research: "...there is widespread agreement that politicians should be religious..." But is that the way we vote?

"People don't like unselfish people because it pressures them to be unselfish." ~ Mike Elgan

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