Wednesday, August 25


Scot McKnight has started transitioning his Jesus Creed blog over to Patheos. ~ link

The Negro Motorist Green-Book ~ link

I guess the people were not interested in a smart, common-sense, irenic governor. Now that the primary is over it is apparent that I'll probably have to vote for some Democrats in the fall. I'm disappointed but not at all surprised. We keep saying that we want things done differently but then we vote in the same old showboaters (or their children). ~ link

Japanese man invents plastic into oil machine. But how much energy does it take to do the conversion? Something like this may help with the garbage and oil supply problems. But it won't help much with the air quality issues. ~ link

"Rosetta Stone Tuesday released a Navajo-language version of its software to aid Navajo educators in revitalizing their native language." ~ Phoenix Business Journal

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