Wednesday, September 1


Albino redwood trees ~ via

Plight of the Roma ~ Spiegel

The CHE asked scholars and illustrators to answer this question: What will be the defining idea of the coming decade, and why? The 23 responses suggest that there is nothing near a consensus on that question. ~ link

What can we learn from the Mormons about passing on the faith? ~ link

Chill! It's not red, white, and blue but the new earth tones in the Oval Office look great. The furniture even looks inviting and hospitable. The only way to really improve it all would be to paint the walls tropical orange, lime green, and mango yellow. And I just don't think that's going to happen -- even in this less than conservative administration.. ~ link

McDonald's new drink line-up of cold frappes and fruit smoothies has been so successful that they're hiring in Arizona -- maybe adding 1,000 new jobs. ~ link

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