Sunday, September 19


✽  "Crowd accelerated innovation" -- cycles of improvement driven by people watching webvideo ~ Chris Anderson @ TEDS (via)

  Facebook is getting fast. With some of the previous impression ads it took 24+ hours to get an ad approved. The latest took less than two minutes. (I know, some of you are going to be annoyed that I haven't cut the Facebook leash, yet. I'm an undercover agent in the evil empire.)

  Colbert on mutually assured coercion ~ link

  "Jesus didn't preach tolerance" --
Tolerance costs me nothing. Loving others — seeking their good, willing their prosperity and happiness, genuinely desiring their companionship — this is the hazardous business of community, of relationship-building, of making and sustaining friendships for the long haul. Tolerance is all too happy to avoid all this. Tolerance turns out to be a means for keeping us estranged from one another while we pride ourselves on our progressive politics or our general open-mindedness whatever our politics. ~ Debra Dean Murphy in the Christian Century
✽  Is curling on your bucket list? ~ AZ Central

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Carol Noren Johnson said...

Love that quote on tolerance. Tolerance for all and everything is not godliness, but sometimes the godly need to be tolerant and unified in the church.