Tuesday, October 5


Middle class alcohol consumption dropped during the recession. That seems like a good thing. It seems to me that it would have been problematic if it had increased. ~ WSJ

Tesco is closing six of their lower performing Fresh & Easy stores in the Phoenix area. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

A team of linguists working with National Geographic's Enduring Voices project has uncovered a language previously unknown to the rest of the world. Koro is spoken in Northeastern India and has only 800 to 1,200 speakers. It is unwritten. ~ USA Today

Bible-toting bullies with webcams? ~ link

"I think we should raise taxes on the very rich..." ~ Warren Buffett

There is a land scramble as foreign investors are acquiring African land. This is good in that foreigners are seeing a future for Africa. And it suggests that food production levels will increase. But it's bad in that it seperates the land and power from the people who live on it. ~ GlobalPost

7½ years in prison for impersonating a Marine? Seems a little severe but he did milk a few people with his scam. ~ AZ Central

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