Tuesday, October 12


> Visual search technology -- Google Goggles ~ link

 South Korea is in midst of a kimchi crisis! They're looking to China for help. ~ BBC

 Christianity in China: an irreducible complexity. ~ link

 Minerals on the ocean floor could provide resources for over 60 centuries ~ link (via)

 Max Lucado is convinced that compassion is the church's best apologetic. ~ Christian Post

>  A few days ago the buzz was that the price of groceries was on the way up. Now we're being told that they're on the way down. The real reason they can't fix the economy is that no one seems to know what is really happening. ~ link

>  A robber tried to disguise himself with a plastic bag over his head. But he eventually decided that breathing was more important than hiding his face. Hmmm -- this kind of thing is so fertile for cheap snarky comments. I'll let you use your imagination. ~ KTAR

>  There are signs that Google may launch the Chrome OS on November 11 ~ link

>  Kindle Singles -- shorter books in the wings. New trend? ~ Ars Technica

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