Wednesday, October 13


> Money & church planting movements:
In western industrialized nations, we typically associate security and successful launches with sufficient funds. Combining some of the lessons we've presented, we see that though money may be helpful, it is not paramount. Organic churches are multiplying all around the world with virtually no funding. Most multiplication movements happen without thought to funding because they are driven by the Holy Spirit who does not need our resources. ~ Ed Stezer & Warren Bird, Viral Churches, Kindle Location 2,575
> Learn Anytime -- the end of the semester system. My online spiritual formation class is set-up this way -- although I still have to keep things tied to the semester because that's how PIU is currently set-up. In some ways it's more like the tutorials in the British system -- but with even more individual attention. ~ CHE

> The transcript of my Luke 17:11-19 sermon from last Sunday is now posted. ~ link

> "The real key to a church planting movement doesn't lie in the individual church that is planted, but in the incubators that produce churches." ~ Bob Roberts, Jr. The Multiplying Church, Kindle Location 267

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