Thursday, October 21


> The awesome Hoover Dam bypass bridge is now open. I'm looking forward to eventually getting to cross it. ~ AZ Central

Went to La Cucina Italiana for dinner last night. My Alla Paesana (with Oven Roasted Vegetables) was great. Love the understated ambiance. Service was very good. Very reasonably priced. We'll be back.

My latest BrushStrokes e-letter, with details about our Sunday night feast in the park, is now online. ~ link

The Tempe Ikea has added 75,000 square feet of solar panels ~ link

"Tempe man sues city, Redflex over 2008 photo radar ticket" -- for $8 million. Talk about taking yourself too seriously. ~ ABC15

Coming soon -- fresh fruit and vegetable vending machines -- the next generation ~ WSJ

"No one else wanted the job, so a 20-year-old criminology student is the new police chief of a Mexican border town in the bloody crosshairs of the drug cartels. But she'll focus on prevention and leave the job of fighting traffickers to the army." I'm optimistic about her ability to survive. ~ USA Today

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