Monday, October 25


> "The globalization that made 'Lausanne 1974' so powerful, and made 'Lausanne 2010' possible, may well make 'Lausanne 2046' unnecessary." ~ Andy Crouch writing about the missing megachurch leaders at Cape Town 2010

> Where did Stalin's and Hitler's abolition of religion get us? 14 million killed. Martin Marty puts perspective on Christian violence. ~ link

> The world's biggest solar power plant will be built in the desert outside Blythe, California -- about two hours west of Phoenix. It will generate enough power to serve 800,000 homes. ~ WSJ

> The Mormons have broken ground on a temple in Rome. I don't suppose that's the same as swimming the Tiber. ~ link

> Christianity Today on how Terry Jones and his Qur'an burning stunt was able to grab so much attention:
Our media culture values outrage over truth... 
This is the strange media world we all—both journalists and readers—now live in. It calls for more discernment than ever, because the next Gainesville frenzy will come upon us before we know it. 
The questions are: Will you reflexively click on that headline to satiate some trivial curiosity? Will leaders again announce their outrage over a non-event? Will bloggers pour fuel on the fire? Will we report on it just to increase pageviews?...~ CT
> Tort reform and no-fault health insurance will go a long way in fixing the healthcare problem in the US, according to G. Timothy Johnson. "It will be impossible to pay for everything for everyone at every age that medical science can dream up..." ~ link

> Newspaper circulation no longer free falling ~ KTAR

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Unknown said...

The numbers from Martin Marty seem extremely low. By inducing the forced famine in the Ukraine in the late 1930's, Staling was responsible for 7,000,000 there alone!
Nice stuff about the fruit trees!