Saturday, October 9


Arizona isn't as hell-bent as you might think.
Even as officials rage at what they have called the “invasion” of illegal immigrants, mostly Mexicans, Arizona has welcomed thousands of legal immigrants from such grief-torn lands as Somalia, Myanmar and Iraq, and is known for treating them unusually well...

Only three states accepted more refugees on a per capita basis over the past six years. Arizona took nearly twice as many refugees per capita as its liberal neighbor, California, and more than twice as many per capita as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
. ~ NY Times
Christ Church Plano, one of the largest parishes in the Anglican Mission in the Americas is bailing on AMiA and will affiliate directly with the Anglican Church in North America. AMiA really brought this on themselves when they backed out of full partnership in the ACNA. Just as it doesn't make sense to have Americans calling the shots in Africa so does it not work to have African bishops calling the shots in America. I suspect more will follow. ~ link

Tim Keller asking whether it is Late Modern or Post-Modern. I suspect that his passing reference to "hyper-modernity" is the most to the point.
We can certainly use the term "post-modern" to refer to many aspects of our life in the world now. There certainly are discontinuities with the recent past. But I conclude that an over-emphasis on the post-ness of our situation can lead us to celebrate the greater tolerance, the end of "Christendom," the fall of Reason-capital-R, and the openness to the spiritual, without seeing that it is based on a kind of hyper-modernity that is perhaps more antithetical to Christianity than ever. ~ link
Google is testing cars that drive themselves -- even drove one over the Golden Gate Bridge ~ link

Watching COPS. Is a full upper body tattoo a requirement to get a job with the Portland, Oregon PD?

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