Monday, November 1


> Today is All Saints Day in the Western Church calendar -- honoring all the saints, known and unknown. We express thanks for all the believers who have gone before us -- especially those who have been martyred for their faith in Christ. (Eastern Church Christians follow an early tradition of commemorating all saints on the first Sunday after Pentecost.)

> There is enough blame to share -- "...years of inattention by the board enabled Arpaio and his budget staff to make misstep after misstep in the use of taxpayers' money." ~ AZ Central

Cheryl and I went with Danny and Mei for lunch at a restaurant in the Mekong Plaza. It is an incredible little mall that looks and feels like something you'd experience in Asia -- the layout, the Chinese style marble floor, the art work, the smells -- all in Mesa. Life is full of delightful surprises. I noticed only three other Caucasians in there. We'll definitely return for more exploration.

> Sapience --
Just because he's angry 
... doesn't mean he's right. 
... or even well-informed. 
Something to think about when dealing with a customer, a leader or even a neighbor. 
It's easy to assume that vivid emotions spring from the truth. I'm not so sure. They often come from fear and confusion and well-told stories. ~ Seth Godin
For those asking about PUST here is the fascinating story of James Kim. ~ Fortune

It looks like we're returning to AC weather for a few days. At least the evenings are pleasantly cool. Yesterday gave us a Chamber of Commerce 79° high. This is why we tolerate the summers.

Microlending crisis in India ~ link

Bob Cornwall reviews Building Cultures of Trust by Martin Marty ~ link

We're getting season one of Doc Matin on our local PBS station. I'm a fan.

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