Tuesday, November 23


Google is thankful.

> For-profit toilet franchises ~ link

Seventeen years ago this month Cheryl and I joined the National Marrow Donor Program. We're still ready if they call. ¿Y tú?

ASU physics prof has independently calculated the radiation doses of TSA backscatter scanners. "I came to the conclusion that although low, the dose was higher than they said..." ~ CNN

All of this TSA nonsense should boost the teleconference business. Generally speaking people won't stop flying. They just won't fly as much. Too much hassle. The terrorists win -- we have surrendered our common sense.

TSA confiscates heavily-armed soldiers' nail-clippers ~ BoingBoing

> Finally! back in print after 300 years -- The First English Dictionary of Slang, 1699 ~ CHE

The most humble Rich Mouw on the academic virtue of humility ~ link

Crime levels in Phoenix continue to drop. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

At least the Goodwill store is closed on Thanksgiving -- shaming Kmart, Sears, Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic. ~ link

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