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The view from just a few hundred feet outside our front door.

> Even though we're relatively warm here in the desert during the fall/winter months, it can still get coolish in the afternoon and evenings. At such times the joints in my fingers (and a few other places) are begging for a rapid return to the tropics. They'll just have to make do where they are for awhile.

I knew it would happen sooner or later. With a blog this old and a Picasa addiction, I had to purchase additional storage from Google -- $5 a year for 20 additional GB. That's a small price to pay -- especially when I consider all the free (ad supported) apps I get from Google.

A British bishop is in hot water for his comments on Facebook. Yeah, he could have measured his words better and spoken more kindly about the royals -- but prophets are rarely PR experts. ~ BBC

VW is fixin' to reintroduce the microbus. Okay aging boomers, this could be your last chance to catch the wave. I'm ready to place my order now. ~ link

"7 Things From America That Are Insanely Popular Overseas" -- including Spam on Guam (and it is actually enjoyed on all the islands out there in the Western Pacific.) I have a theory as to why this is so but I'm sure that somebody would find it offensive. ~ link

Master of hyperbole David Fitch on how youth groups are destroying the lives of church kids. He makes good points. Don't blow him off too quickly.
I think youth groups often do things that work against the formation of our youth into life with Christ and His Mission. They also soak up huge time and resources in ways that are a detriment to the community life of the church. I think it would be good for parents seeking churches to think through these issues. 
Prototype youth groups are built on the worst of modernist assumptions concerning the way human beings develop as cultural beings. They play into the worse impulses of parents who don’t get what is happening right before their very eyes when their children start to take on the moral formation of the ubiquitous culture at large. (Parents want young hip experts to save their kids – UH THAT DON’T WORK!!). They think the answer is to somehow get their children to a place where the youth culture attracts them and somehow makes Christianity attractive to their age group. All these things, I argue, work against the child growing up into a vital and real relationship with the living God and what He has done in Christ for the world. 
I offer the following three comments... ~ Read the rest here
Emergency texting to 911 in the works for near future -- could include streaming video of crimes in progress. ~ KTAR

Acer plans to release three Droid tablets in the spring. ~ Ars

Most of the growing we do occurs through our stewardship of the mundane.

"The Housing Bubble Popped: Is Education Next?" ~ link

TSA allows some government officials to skip airport security. That just puts them further out of touch with reality. ~ EV Trib

"The Future Is Now: Americans Can Start Buying a 99-Miles-Per-Gallon Car" -- Well, actually it is the all electric Nissan Leaf that will be hitting the roads next month; so the 99 MPG is really an environmental footprint statement. I'm curious to know how states are planning to make up for the lost gas tax revenue when fuel consumption takes a dive. ~ Time

"Long-distance passenger aircraft between South Africa and Europe might soon fly in V-formation, like birds, to save fuel." ~ link (via)

Roger Olson continues in his noble quest to reclaim Pietism. These are very insightful summaries. I would suggest, though, that the Pietistic flavoring in the ECC is more than trace, and that we have not been swamped by fundamentalism -- even though we have welcomed fundamentalists, as we would welcome all who trust Christ and are willing to work together in common mission. (Also, we no longer require a year of residential orientation at North Park for Covenant ministers. We now have an alternative orientation system.) I would simply add that the late Donald Bloesch was very formative in my own theological thinking. ~ #4 | #5

They're all concerned about black widow spiders on a ship that has docked on Guam. And I suppose that it is important to keep them off an island where they are not already established. But, really, they aren't as dangerous as the news makes them out to be. I bet that there are hundreds of them in my backyard. I kill them when I see them but mostly they avoid me and the only bother are the webs. ~ link

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