Saturday, November 27


> World Immigration Report released -- covers it all irregular migration, smuggling, asylum, integration, where they're all coming from and going. Comprehensive. There is a massive global shift in process. ~ link (.pdf)

Well, actually, I did make two purchases yesterday. I filled the Caravan with gas and my refill cup with Diet Coke. Neither purchase required me to be up at 3 a.m. Are you guys crazy? Why would you get up at that time to go fight with a bunch of crazy people for a few dollars off a television set?

The Netherlands, which has historically had a laid back approach to drug use, is tightening things up. And they're asking citizens to help. They are mailing "scratch and sniff" marijuana cards to residents to teach people how to recognize pot plants. ~ The World

I seriously doubt that I'll buy a two-screen laptop. I don't see how it would enhance my productivity. (How much more productive can one guy get before he removes all the margins in his life?) But it is a novel idea. ~ link

No one has tried to torch the Gävlebocken, yet. But it appears that he is taking on quite a bit of snow. The poor guy looks cold. ~ link

Scot McKnight's new book One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow should be available next week. ~ link

The sheriff's posse is out patroling mall parking lots. There are 3,000 of those guys. Will there be any parking spaces left for shoppers? Will they be on horseback? ~ link

The already crazy situation in Kenya could get crazier if the referendum in South Sudan leads to more violence and more Sudanese become refugees. ~ link (.pdf)

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