Saturday, December 11


> Keith Green -- true counter-cultural musical genius ~ Huff

Top ten most unhelpful statements to police after a car accident ~ link

Seth is simply smart! Even though the issues are complex most people will only accept simplistic answers. Thus, says Seth Godin,
1. Take complicated overall answers and make them simple steps instead. Teach complexity over time, simply.

2. Teach a few people, the committed, to embrace the idea of complexity. That's what a great college education does, for example. That's what makes someone a statesman instead of a demagogue. Embracing complexity is a scarce trait, worth acquiring. But until your customers/voters/employees do, I think the first strategy is essential. ~ link
The flow of international tourists on Guam is up 3% this year, after several years of decline. Most tourists are from Japan and South Korea. ~ link

20 things that will be more expensive in 2011 ~ link

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