Friday, December 17


> More from Hans -- same story -- different media:

"Little Church Serves Public School in Big Ways"  We're proud of you, Brad! ~ link

"Why the Kids Don't Blog and Grandma's on Facebook..." "Only half as many teens currently operate their own blog now, compared to 2006. Have our teenagers suddenly become less vain and navel-gazing? Unlikely: Pew speculates that Facebook status updates have become the preferred means of self-casting for the young." ~ FastCompany

"Self-casting"? New phrase to me. Apt.

"Read today that Yahoo! is considering shuttering Also, found out today that Yahoo! still runs" ~ Evan Williams

I didn't remember until dinner time last night that yesterday was Beethoven's birthday. Sorry old guy, it's been hard to remember since Peanuts dropped off the radar. 240 years!

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