Friday, December 31


> Kodachrome, RIP ~ NY Times

But PSM doesn't sound like a real degree. It should have been MPSc. At least they didn't call it PMS. ~ NY Times

It looks like there might be some other class M planets out there. ~ NPR

Guam is adding a 5¢ deposit on beverage containers. Hey, it has worked well in California. Good move. ~ PNC

"The white stuff falling from the sky isn't snow. It's graupel." Yeah, trying telling that to the kids, Mr Weather Grinch. ~ AZ Central

> In spite of the fact that we're surrounded by Mexicans we haven't really found a Mexican restaurant that truly impresses us. Yet, we just found another great Thai restaurant. Ironic. -- 75 Thai Taste

I downloaded Tim Keller's Generous Justice ebook from the public library. I absolutely love the title of this book. It sounds so... so... biblical.

5-1-1 sytstem works well -- except on the days when everyone needs it. ~ link

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Laura Springer said...

re: graupel

According to wikipedia, a snowflake forms the center of graupel, so the kids and the pesky weatherman are correct.