Monday, January 17


> We watched Toy Story 3 last night. Wow -- deeply layered story -- another pretty sophisticated animation -- definitely aimed at adults.

"Rising temperature of the earth’s atmosphere increases the amount of energy it stores, making more violent and extreme weather events more likely." Californians are being urged to prepare for superstorms that could drop 10 feet of rain across the state. It happened in the 19th century. Think of the Central Valley as a giant lake -- which it once was. ~ NY Times

"ARkStorm: California’s other 'Big One'" ~ USGS

Ousted Haitian dictator Baby-Doc unexpectedly returned to Haiti yesterday after a 25 year exile. One more problem for over-whelmed Haiti? ~ Miami Herald

Arizona's third sheriff -- "Clarence Dupnik says he's earned the right to speak his mind -- He has drawn ire, support for linking shooting to rhetoric." Even the low key guys are characters in Arizona. ~ AZ Central

The mayor of Phoenix will soon be driven around in an Australian-made Holden Caprice police car. Yeah, it sounds like a great car but on which side will the steering column be located? ~ SMH

USA Today has a story on the YouVersion Bible app. I'm using it to read through the Message version this year and am still ahead of schedule. At this pace I will finish on December 8th. ~ USA Today

I quoted Martin Luther King, Jr in my sermon yesterday. Afterward I began to wonder how many people recognized it as a quote from him. Did I assume too much in thinking that everyone would know it was his voice? Any kid now in his or her 20's who attended public schools can probably recite the whole "I Have a Dream" speech just from repetitious exposure. But not too many there yesterday fit that demographic.

Missional defined:
In essence, missional is about participating in the work God is doing in this world, and since God’s design is for humans to govern the world on his behalf, reflecting his image, and bringing holistic healing to a groaning world/cosmos, the word better expresses what it means to live out God’s purpose for us in this world. Missional, though, includes — indeed, centers on – the gospel about Jesus Christ. It can’t be reduced to justice or peace. 
Quite frankly this world “missional” has become occupied by theologians and up-to-date pastors in spite of the obvious fact that if we are truly missional it means each of us regardless of what we do. I believe the central questions of missional people are What is God doing? and What can I do to help you? ~ Scot McKnight
> Travis Kolder tweeted "Church planting is best understood as a discipleship process that leaves a church in it's wake." That's true -- IF our understanding of discipleship is holistic enough. Americans have tended to think of discipleship in very individualistic ways. Churches, by definition are God's assault on individualism.

Preview of the Contemporary English Bible Old Testament ~ link

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