Wednesday, January 19


> It looks like former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be making some new movies -- perhaps hoping to recoup some of the estimated $200 million it cost him to serve as governor. ~ SFGate

More shooting in the neighborhood yesterday. Apparently, a man stepped out of a house on the block behind us and fired off five random rounds about noon. No one was hit -- and no one appeared to be a target -- but it drew a lot of police activity -- and the popo-copter. Last I heard they were still trying to catch up with him. Two months ago someone fired three rounds into the same house from the street. Hmmm...

We have some other new neighbors -- a couple who just moved here from San Diego. He got a bit lost when returning his rental truck yesterday, was on foot, and didn't know how to get back home (it was too far to walk anyway). He flagged down a cop to ask for directions and the cop ended up giving him a ride home. That is very consistent with all of my interaction with the Phoenix police officers in this area. They are trying hard to connect with the community.

Another good news story involving our police -- and a Good Samaritan neighbor. A man fell into a Phoenix canal at about 11:30 a.m., Tuesday. A neighbor heard the splash, ran to the canal, and dove in after the man. The police were not very far away either and at least one of the officers ended up in the water, too, helping to rescue the man. ~ Fox News

And yet another good news story -- "Kate and Wills may ask wedding guests to donate to charity rather than buying them lavish presents." That's leadership! ~ Time

This may be good news for Guam (I'm still not so sure about whether this kind of thing ultimately benefits or holds back). The Guam Fire Department just inherited two hand-me-down fire trucks from the US Navy. ~ KUAM

My Twitter seems to load at a snail's pace in the evenings. Anyone else experience it that way?

Did it come up on anyone's radar that Pakistan has a massive 7.2 earthquake early this morning? ~ USGS | CSM

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