Friday, January 21


> How to create a portable Hackintosh on a USB thumb drive ~ Lifehacker

Each episode of Doc Martin gets better and better -- character development, rich acting, funky twists in the story lines.

I understand why the legislators and the governor want to drop 280,000 Arizona Medicaid patients (They think it will help balance the state budget.). But it sounds illegal because they can't override the voters who mandated it all through Prop 204 in 2000. That's the problem with voter initiatives. They're hard to reverse if the wind suddenly starts to blow a different direction and you need to make quick changes. ~ link

I was watching documentary on Hispanics in Phoenix. I didn't realize that it was a bilingual city as recently as WWII -- even more so than now -- most people spoke both Spanish and English. Raul Hector Castro, who was governor when my family moved here in the mid-970's, was born in Mexico.

Very cool. With family spreading even further across the globe onto three continents, my new favorite website is

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xuefen said...

Yes, the is so cool. I add it in my favorite website, too. Now I don't need to counting the time when I want to call my sister in Toronto or you in Phoenix. Thank you!