Tuesday, February 1


> THE SNOW HAS STARTED. Get out of Chicago now or wait until after Wednesday. There should be enough time to shovel out before I fly out for Phoenix on Friday.

> RACE REMIXED: "Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Choose All of the Above" ~ NY Times

  • "Conversion is when you attempt to love God back..." ~ John M Perkins 
  • "Bigness might be better for those who are there but it is not necessarily good for the mission." ~ John M Perkins 
  • "Justice is how we steward God's resources in the world to benefit the poor." ~ John M Perkins 
  • "The gospel changes everything it touches." ~ Gary Walter
FREE KINDLE BOOK: Welcoming Justice: God's Movement Toward Beloved Community by John M Perkins ~ link

THE WAITRESS spoke to me in English, to her friend in Polish, and to another employee in Spanish. I feel woefully inadequate.

IT LOOKS LIKE A CATEGORY 5 Tropical Cyclone is going to slam into Queensland, Australia -- which is already flooded. ~ link

THE CHINESE are totally getting into the whole rabbit thing. So, if we exported our Easter bunnies this year perhaps we could cancel out the trade deficet. ~ WSJ

TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE QUEEN'S WAY? The new Superman is a Brit. It just doesn't seem quite right -- although I suppose the earliest Euro-Americans sounded a bit Brit. ~ Time

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