Saturday, February 5


> THE COLD has dipped down into Mexico -- not what they're used to, either. ~ BBC

"ARIZONA SENATE President Russell Pearce says it's OK for State Senators to carry guns inside the Senate building..." in spite of the state law passed by the Senate prohibiting weapons inside the Arizona House and Senate. ~ link

SOUTH AFRICAN Theological Seminary, my favorite accredited distance education theological school, has released their 2011 Prospectus. ~ link (.pdf)

THE LAVEEN Community Parade starts at 11 a.m. this morning. ~ link (.pdf)

HOW IS IT that even though I now pastor a smaller church than before, the mail pile is just as high after returning from nine days away? In spite of the blizzard this was among the top three Covenant Midwinter Conferences I've attended over the past 25 years.

WE HAD Supper at Federico's Mexican Food, which opened in Laveen while I was in Chicago. It is definitely a winner.

IF I'D realized how much confusion I'd create by handing the clerk $1.01 for an 86¢ transaction... He probably needs a new line of work.

OUR CITRUS and bouganvillas took bad hit from the frost over the last few nights -- even though covered. The weeds fared well, though.

DEALS OF THE WEEK: Dollar General, Cheez-It, and Barnes & Noble... ~ CSM

I'M STILL AHEAD on my 2011 Bible reading plan. At this pace I will finish on November 22nd. I'm not especially faithful at this but the combination of reading the engaging Message paraphrase and having it online, with access from a number of different devices, helps.

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