Thursday, February 10


> THE BRITISH "supergranny" who thwarted a jewelry heist by beating the six robbers with her handbag was caught on video by CCTV and bystanders. ~ Global Post

WHY the Chinese church has grown so much -- viral without the cultural baggage of Christendom ~ link

APOPHIS ASTEROID could hit Earth on April 13, 2036, according to Russian scientists. ~ Huff

"RESEARCHERS found that people who said they drank diet soda every day had a 48 percent higher risk of stroke or heart attack than people who drank no soda of any kind." ~ link

WEIRD AND TRAGIC -- a 10-year-old Seattle area boy suffocated and died after he got stuck headfirst in a 40-inch-tall box that was about two-thirds filled with packing peanuts. He was playing hide-and-seek with a friend. Something else to watch out for. ~ link

THE MISSION OF GOD'S PEOPLE: A Biblical Theology of the Church's Mission by Chris Wright is a great read. I saw that it received the "Award of Merit" in Christianity Today's annual book awards.

SUPERBOWL fans set a new tweeting record. During the final moments of the game, fans sent 4,064 tweets per second. ~ link

SHERIFF'S DEPUTY saves two lives in two different scenarios -- in under an hour. He must have some adrenal gland. ~ ABC15

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