Sunday, March 27


> THE MOST incredible tsunami video, yet. After the initial hit it is more like a flash flood than a wave. The water just kept coming and coming. ~ link

> "SCIENTISTS have discovered a new substance called 'metamaterials,' that allows light to bend around an object and re-form on the other side, like a stream around a boulder. 'This is the real McCoy,' Kaku says. 'This is the Harry Potter invisibility cloak.'" ~ NPR

AND FWIW the language continues to morph ~ link

LISTENING LIVE to humpback whales off the coast of Maui singing  -- wait, one of them just started playing the uke, too. Cool! ~ link

INTRO to the baritone ukulele -- rich sound but my tenor has a pretty full sound, too. I think those whales are using a soprano. ~ link

"OHIO man gets a $16.4 million cable bill" -- that's a LOT of pay per view. ~ link

GOOGLE before you tweet... ~ link

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