Thursday, March 31


> JOHN STACKHOUSE: "Why I Am Not Blogging about Rob Bell’s 'Love Wins'” -- Two reasons: (1) "Is he really saying or doing something all that innovative, all that different..." (2) "Lots of other books and people deserve lots more attention." ~ link

SIGNIFICANT CHANGES in medical education may be on the horizon ~ link

CNN is reporting that the CIA is operating in Libya. And this is news? ~ CNN

WELL, ARIZONA does attract some colorful (and sometimes scandalous) characters -- Fiesta Bowl fracas. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

AND THE POLITICIANS were tied in, too. Follow the money. This could become a mini-series. ~ Arizona Capitol Times

THE BEST WRITTEN tweet on the Fiesta Bowl scandal comes from Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts -- "Feeding off the Fiesta Bowl (and leaving Arizona with heartburn)" ~ link

It seems at one time there was a path to influence within Christendom. Do well in your seminary studies. Practice and become a polished public speaker. Go get a PhD at a premier school and write and think on the highest levels competing against the best. I did none of this BTW so maybe I’m not the one to ask. Yet from my perspective, that world is shrinking. The days of gaining influence from positional achievement in Christendom are (gladly) waning. Today this kind of (Christendom) influence is largely generated in large conference venues. For me, these venues try to sell too much. Again, because Christendom has its problems, I strongly suggest none of us go this route. The best thing for anyone is to put these temptations towards influence aside, and start with the ministry God has given you. Seek faithfulness and allow God to use you in the world. Seek additional education as it seems a natural extension of your life – the life God is working in and through you already. If influence comes, it comes from God and you should submit to it humbly and in service to His Kingdom... ~ And a lot more wisdom
MOVE BEYOND tourist English ~ BBC

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