Sunday, April 10


I SUSPECT that this won't be good enough for people looking for a fight -- whatever.
THE MAGICIANS NEPHEW will be next. ~ link

GOOGLE STREET VIEW works for E 11th Ave in rural Blythe, California (which is a dirt path along an irrigation canal) but they haven't yet got to our street in the hustle and bustle of metro Phoenix. Strange.

WHICH COUNTRY gives off the most CO2 emissions per capita? It's not the US. But we make up for it in volume. ~ link

ARTIFICIAL REEFS around the world -- engaging photos from Atlantic magazine -- mostly used military equipment and subway cars now home to the fish ~ link

> INNOVATIVE -- Shell-shaped solar beach house ~ Huff


Trevin Wax said...

Hi Brad,

I enjoy your random links!

Please don't categorize those of us who have issues with Rob Bell's theological perspective as "looking for a fight." The discussion isn't about what Bell says he affirms or denies, but what he means by the terms he uses. It's a much more nuanced debate than many of Bell's fans admit.

Blessings to you.

Brad Boydston said...

I'm certainly not a Rob Bell groupie and would not see eye to eye with him on lots of things. But I am concerned about this gravitation toward a rigidly narrow orthodoxy that is so nuanced (and in many cases historically naive) that we're shifting the focus in the wrong direction. There are many evangelicals just interested in seeing what kind of a fight they can whip up so they can validate their own positions. Debate is good. But we all better do it in a way that we can sit down and enjoy coffee together afterward.