Thursday, April 14


> CHINA cracks down on time travel ~ NY Times

SO MUCH for retirement --

"SEATTLE SCHOOL renames Easter eggs 'Spring Spheres'" -- Frankly, while it is a bit absurd and a lot silly, I'm not offended. Spring spheres don't really have anything to do with Easter anyway. So, why should we care? As a matter of fact, they can have the Spring Bunny, too. ~ link

SHERIFF JOE Arpaio's staff misspent $100 million (!) according to the results of an audit. ~ USA Today

"MARIJUANA causes global warming, uses 1% of US electricity" ~ link (via)

IN A NUTSHELL the crux of the matter is this question, "Will God’s grace and love eventually compel all to turn to him or not?" ~ Scot McKnight in his analysis of Rob Bell's Love Wins.

And I would suggest, along with C.S. Lewis, that as compelling as God's grace and love are, he never compels anyone to embrace them and that there are those who won't and don't.

Does God then offer an after-death second chance option? God is full of surprises and he could well do so. But if he does, he doesn't advertise the option because he is wanting people to embrace him and his grace and love now. God wants the best for people and that is the best possible choice anyone could make.

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