Saturday, April 16


IT REALLY is pretty hard to take a royal wedding very seriously these days. However, I'm fairly certain that it's the real Rowan Williams in there.

EVERY LIFE HAS A STORY -- another commercially produced YouTube video except this one is thought provoking.

MAN BITES POLICE DOG then sues. I'm sure the police dog would counter sue except the man is in jail for burglary and the chances of recovering anything from him are pretty slim. Anyone of average intelligence knows that if you run from a police dog you'll likely end up with a few bites. ~ KTAR

OUR FRIEND Steve Stinnette has had another medical set-back and is resigning from his position at PIU. Sigh. ~ link

> OUT OF AFRICA -- Linguists trace origins of language to Africa ~ Pravda

JUST HEARD from Amazon. My Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD has shipped. I think we're going to have to have a Eustace Scrubb night and invite MasterPiece over for a viewing.

WE HAD a security screen door installed over our front door yesterday. It sure was nice having the extra circulation through the house last night.

New Christian martyrs every 24 hours:
  • 1900s: 90
  • '70s: 1,030
  • '00s: 440
  • 2011: 270*
  • 2025: 410*
Christian congregations worldwide:
  • 1900: 400,000
  • 1970: 1,433,000
  • 2011: 3,500,000
* projected by somebody

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