Saturday, April 23


> THE WEATHER FORECAST is for a beautiful and mild (75°) Sunday morning. It's looking like it will be a chamber of commerce day for an outdoor Easter celebration. If you're not obligated to be somewhere else consider joining us at the MasterPiece Church gathering. We're not big on grand pageantry but you'll feel welcome, hear the gospel, be well fed, meet some interesting people, and have some fun, too. Click for details.

ZEPIA (สีน้ำ) has been busy putting up a lot of video this month -- including this:

"AN ARMY OF TERMITES munched through 10 million rupees ($222,000) in currency notes stored in a steel chest at a bank, police in northern India said Friday..." ~ link

USA Today had an article on the growing house church movement in the US. ~ link

MY VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER DVD arrived today. We're going to have a showing in our home theater on Sunday evening, May 1st.

WHILE THERE IS certainly room for improvement in seminary education and I'm excited about the new options that technology is delivering, my experience in seminary, even in the ancient '80's, wasn't as disconnected from reality as Jerry Bowyer makes it out to be in his Forbes article on "The Seminary Bubble."

DIRECT DEMOCRACY is what sank California. The Economist has an interesting, on target, analysis of the dysfunction. ~ link

"WE ARE Easter people living in a Good Friday world." ~ Fred Harrell  I might frame it a bit differently and say that, "We are Easter people living in a holy Saturday world." We live in between.

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